Smart Offers


Any owner of a successful affiliate website can tell you that the best conversion and commission are in local popular shops. There are many good plugins for affiliate marketing, but all of them are working with big networks because local shops don’t have own API and don’t take part in any affiliate networks. This is why we created the Affiliate Egg plugin, which is working with many shops that don’t work in any other plugin.


Smart Offers

Create husky sales funnels in WooCommerce.
Target personalized upsells, move sells, certain age presents according to expand LTV and conversions.

Transform your keep among a money minting machine!!

You possibly understand it already. But an aspect is a lot greater possibly in accordance with buy another applicable manufacture whilst she is checking out…

There are plenty of psychological triggers work in tandem here. Scarcity, convivial proof, the worry of lacking out, greed, presence bias, intellectual accounting – a volume about behavioral pay up concepts namely well.

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