Point Finder Directory – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme


Point Finder Directory Theme used to be designed according to permit thou after effect a listing & directory internet site as like ye wish. You execute propagate your own personalized rule inside minutes thanks

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Point Finder Directory – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Point Finder Directory Theme used to be designed according to permit thou after effect a listing & directory internet site as like ye wish. You execute propagate your own personalized rule inside minutes thanks to its customizable fields yet search system. Point Finder offers ye a bunch of power atop Google Map, and such is unique with its auspicious features. The websites you do beget together with Point Finder is solely constrained with the aid of thy imagination…

Theme Features:

  • Quick Setup: You perform to operate the setup regarding your object within minutes. Moreover, you may pick out any regarding our demo web sites and propagate it exactly the same.
  • Advanced Documentation: You can access entire data in relation to Point Finder with our assist documentation. You do criticism our easy-to-understand documentation together with a step-by-step setup story online.
  • Google Map Geolocation: We back Google Map Geolocation feature into Point Finder according to the auspicious of our ability. You perform the role you visitors, or without problems show you homes and objects into the designated distance.
  • Google Map Styling: You execute effect customized maps regarding Point Finder Google Map via styling. You may find ample facts of how many after work up to expectation from our assist documentation.
  • Google Map Cluster: You can crew crowded brush factors including Google Map Cluster feature yet modify the traits of these corporations along with regime panel.
  • Customizable Points: You may originate your points without difficulty besides construction somebody uploads, either because of classes then for each item, thanks in accordance with Custom Point Config feature so much we offer in imitation of you.
  • Multiple Point: You execute effortlessly assimilate along that dictation who has been instituted because of multiple gadgets located at the identical tackle yet exhibit your site visitors entire of them.
  • Customizable Info Windows: You perform personalize information windows who start when thou click over factors with its feature. You do regulate their color, greatness then content material namely thou as beyond the admin panel.
  • Ajax Features: You may redact specific alternatives among systems including deep points thanksgiving in imitation of Point Finder AJAX infrastructure. For example, you may ensure so much only factors who is existence displayed are loaded or these points are improved so altering area. Loading now ye zoom into or zoom outdoors among thine map is every other function ye do utilizes into that section.
  • Mail Template System: You execute personalize dense e-mails who are despatched in accordance with your customers and the admin with the Point Finder mail system. You may configure SMTP infrastructure beside its dictation then trade dense features, certain namely hues regarding the e-mail theme.
  • Front End Upload System: You may ensure thine traffic adds in accordance with your website with this system. You execute permit to them after upload either for unrestricted or you can decide price care of the item. You execute redact extra pricing among extraordinary listings including Featured Points feature.
  • Social Login System: You perform accomplish absolute as customers whichever need in accordance with exercise book to thy internet site work it without difficulty through Facebook than Twitter. You do also facilitate their log-ins with its method.
  • Paypal Recurring yet Direct Payments: Thanks in conformity with Point Finder’s law who is entirely integrated together with Paypal, ye can permit thine site visitors in conformity with choosing Paypal Recurring then Paypal Direct Payment selections then uploading their items. In summation in accordance with that, ye may additionally drive your rule together with financial institution switch option or offline payment mode.
  • Paypal IPN System: You do go away the tracking concerning strategies certain as much vitiate or preventive over an agreement between Recurring Payments according to Point Finder IPN system. In such cases, such will accomplish instantaneous modifications within the system, salvation thou a brush of work.
  • Order Tracking System: Point Finder tracks every payment so much is fit or gives ye a clear report. You do music payments and techniques because somebody items thy users bear uploaded in imitation of your system.
  • Visual Composer Page Builder: You execute utilizes the present Visual Composer factors yet Point Finder special shortcuts which are added via us thanks according to our thing which uses the modern-day model on Visual composer. With this, thou may gender you pages without literature anybody lines simply via clicking and dragging including your mouse. You may make use of the shortcuts we created because of thou before with Templatera, as is a Visual Composer plugin then comes including our theme.
  • Responsive Layout: Point Finder is wholly compatible along with mobiles, or thou be able to lead that over any system due to the fact that it is absolutely like-minded together with IOS, Android or sordid smartphone systems.
  • Revolution Slider: With it, worthy add-on so comes including Point Finder, you may propagate sliders as like you like.
  • Customizable Item Details: You be able to gender statistics fields that thou need into your item small print including Point Finder. Without existence dependant regarding until now described fields and composition some range concerning code, ye can propagate rich content by using the click on yet pull feature.
  • Customizable Search Area: You do search any standards in each you maps yet ask Widgets along Point Finder. You execute healthy search standards with somebody Custom Fields so much ye join then propagate a search system as is definitely custom-made with the aid of you.
  • Google Recaptcha: You perform utilizes it characteristic of whole fields that are available in Point Finder. Today’s version over reCaptcha is thoroughly integrated including our theme.
  • Review System: You do spark off a criticism regulation because of thy items barring using someone additional plugins. You are able to beget your own review regulation together with detaching vote casting choice because of some quantity about standards up to expectation ye like.
  • Custom Widgets: You can list the present-day items yet featured objects without difficulty including one-of-a-kind Widgets we designed for you. You execute fulfill searches within the page yet conjoin thine tweets out of Twitter easily.
  • Favorites System: You do enable thy site visitors after conjoining the gadgets she kind of among their favorites along with with it system.
  • Claim/Report Listing System: You perform beget a declare provision because the objects that you then thy visitors uploaded and get opinions from the users whichever visit thine website.
  • Child Theme: You be able to operate programming modifications about an affair without difficulty including that feature and you can store any adjustments you redact between you thing within the future.
  • Advanced Theme Options: While invention Point Finder, we organized Options Panels who thou may utilize in accordance with customizing every element viable or you be able to use that in conformity with test all points into your website. You are able to clear up all your questions and problem including the detail panel documentation.
  • Customizable Page Headers: You may effect solve headers for each page, and accomplish certain header because of all pages.
  • WPML Support: Point Finder gives you the hazard in conformity with using your website together with more than one language option thanksgiving in conformity with its WPML support. As thou do parley beyond on-line help documentation, thou execute without difficulty reduce whole words among thine internet site in conformity with somebody word ye like.
  • Localization: You execute interpret you to object into thy very own speech together with WordPress Localization infrastructure.
  • dsiIDX Plugin Compatible: You perform to confirm a convenient integration along with with the plugin supplied by means of Diverse Solutions gratefulness after our entirely like-minded system.
  • bbpress Compatible: You execute makes use of its plugin barring make someone mass yet propagate thy boards easily.
  • RTL Partially supported.
  • Stripe Payment Supported
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