Elegant Themes Monarch Social Media Sharing


Take Social Sharing to the Next Level with MONARCH, a Social Media Plugin with Style. Social Media is the lifeblood to that amount keeps the internet glowing, and Social Sharing lets you facing so much undertaking yet use that so a superb pressure because of your business.


Elegant Themes Monarch Social Media Sharing

Monarch. The Best Social Media Sharing Plugin For WordPress

Take Social Sharing to the Next Level with MONARCH, a Social Media Plugin with Style.

Social Sharing Made Easy

Social Media is the lifeblood to that amount keeps the internet glowing, and Social Sharing lets you facing so much undertaking yet use that so a superb pressure because of your business.

Over 20 Social Networks according to Choose From

Choose beside 20 communal apportionment networks after display about your website. Add or arrange someone range concerning available networks in conformity with creating a customized collection over dividing selections because of the visitors.

Add Sharing Buttons in 5 Different Locations

Different websites, pages, and posts have one of a kind neighborly apportionment needs. That’s in which we’ve blanketed a great decision about locations you may select according to vicinity sharing buttons.

Floating Sidebar

A floating sidebar is a dead common, effective, and smooth pathway after Gather communal distribution icons in conformity with any page concerning your website. We’ve also included unique postpone styles because of the vertical yet browser area orientation on a social sidebar.

Above & and Below Content

Perfect for weblog posts yet content material strong pages, Monarch approves you after vicinity dividing buttons either upstairs the content material area, beneath the content area, and among both locations.

On Images & Videos

Media is arguably the close shared content about the web, then Monarch makes media distribution too easier. When customers are behind upon media elements inside thine content, convivial sharing buttons absorb between because rapid then easy sharing.

Automatic Pop-Up

Monarch lets you propagate automatic apportionment pop-ups that can stand triggered with the aid of timed delays, then a person reaches the bottom regarding a post then page, then too over page leave. These are particularly effective.


Similar in accordance with brought about pop-ups, fly-ins are some other significant path in conformity with occupancy your readers’ attention so she is nearly engaged. These perform also remain caused by means of period delays, web page location, yet so the user’s mouse is leaving the page.

6 Automatic Pop-Up & Fly-In Triggers

Popups or Flying execute stay brought on based totally off special person interactions. This permits thou after seize your visitor’s attention then she is near engaged, and now those are close at risk about leaving thy page.

Timed Delay

Choose a timed lengthen because you pop-ups or fly-ins consequently as he set off afterward thy readers bear been about a page because of a unique length concerning time.

Bottom about Post

Let Monarch auto-discover when thine readers attain the backside over a put up or page yet entrust your readers a friendly reminder in imitation of share.

After Commenting

After a traveler leaves comment concerning a put up then page, thou be able current this surprisingly engaged user along with a social pop-up and fly-in.

Upon percent Scroll

Tell Monarch after trigger a neighborly pop-up yet fly-in in accordance with your site visitors then she scrolls a described share under the page.

After Purchasing

Display an apportionment pop-up or fly-in according to you clients afterward it checkout then those may part you online storefront together with buddies and family.

After Inactivity

If a user is unconscious of your web page because of also long, Monarch is able be triggered according to re-catch your visitor’s attention along with a pop-up or fly-in.

Build & Display Your Social Following

Letting your users consult your social network profiles, observe counts, and without problems turn out to be a pupil is greater than necessary because of anybody’s business and individual. Monarch makes every of the upon viable along simply a temperate effortless setting.

Over 35 Social Networks according to Choose From

Monarch lets ye select beside atop 30 neighborly profiles and networks. Just provide you sketch URL’s then Monarch desire shows the community icons or too dynamically draw thy existing observe counts salvo desired.

Place Follow Buttons into some Widget Area then Display With a Shortcode

Displaying neighborly comply with links inside thy content is as simple as producing yet pasting a shortcode within thine content. Placing this shortcode inward of a Divi Text Module is an ideal road to absorb talents about this feature.

Clean, Customizable Design

We comprehend that the amount imposing plugin factors in your site may show up cheesy or oversea regarding place, hence we packed Monarch full regarding sketch picks because of seamless sketch integration.

Choose Button Shapes, Colors, & Hover Effects

Monarch provides three-button shapes, 5 sidebar button linger effects, then four inline buttons hover effects. Combining this look options approves you in imitation of match thine neighborly icons flawlessly within the diagram about your theme.

Display Network Names & Social Counts

For an extra muscular associative link, thou perform to display the community names and or the unaccompanied yet quantity share then comply with counts. No count what information ye pick according to display, thine neighborly links wish to appear great.

Pick Your Icon Orientation

Being in a position in accordance with display the social network idol over or in accordance with the left on thine part counts, follow counts and/or community honor doubles the sketch opportunities available in conformity with you. Whether thou are exhibiting your icons in an extra vertical then straight orientation, this choice lets you smoke skills about the space.

Use Native Network Colors and Pick Your Own!

By default, the button color choice lie on the regional colors about every communal network. For a more custom appearance, you do pick out customized colors because of the button and icon colors for each before or over hover.

Elegantly Responsive

We understand so much your website needs after remain readable about whole devices whilst nonetheless permitting traffic according to part your net pages. Monarch’s sharing icons are fully compassionate or seem considerable whole the access down to also the younger cellular devices.

Lightning Fast

Monarch caches whole of you share yet follow counts because of optimized loading during your website. We too deliver thou whole monitoring upon the frequency within which Monarch updates your counts.

The Monarch Dashboard

Setting up yet managing your Monarch settings is something however complicated. We’ve manufactured a custom panel into the WordPress dashboard because of effortless then intuitive get right of entry to after thou Monarch settings, stats, and data.

Configure All over Your Display Settings

In summation to simple appearance options, Monarch additionally lets you refine you show settings according to in shape thine every need. Choosing inactive loading animations, portion remembers display minimums, then pillar constructions are just a temperate on the matters you be able to control.

Check Your Statistics

An overview of thy Monarch records can stay accessed at someday with the aid of the dashboard. Just click on the stats ikon into the higher right because of information around your shares, follows, or likes.

Import yet Export Monarch Data

If ye bear more than one websites as ye want after-show comparable Monarch configurations on, ye can shortly then without problems arrival then export Monarch settings out of certain WordPress web site in imitation of another.


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